Everything You Wanted To Know About Digital Marketing

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July 5, 2019
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Everything You Wanted To Know About Digital Marketing

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing means to promote your products & services on internet.

Digital Marketing is also known as Internet Marketing / Web Marketing / Online Marketing / E Marketing / Electronic Marketing.It is also defined as promote your products & services on Google, facebook, bing, twitter, youtube etc. In coming articles, I will explain how you will promote your product in front of customers through internet. Now a day’s Online Marketing is doing by company employees, businessman and freelancers.

Some Examples of Digital Marketing

Example 1. – Imagine you are the owner of a shirt shop in Boston, USA. Your shirt sale is average so you want to expand your business. So you make a blog/website (Later, I’ll teach how to create blog/website). After creating a website you will promote your website through electronic marketing. Your website will rank on Google after few months (it depend upon competition). If any customer wants to buy shirt online then he will search on Google “Buy Shirt Online” and your website will display on first page. But remember one thing people don’t waste too much time on searching. They will open starting 3 websites which display on first page. So you have to rank your website on first page within three links. If you understand example then read another example.


Example 2. – You don’t have lot of money to start business and buy shop. So, you will buy variety of products from market at cheap rates. Products like belt, violet, watch, goggles, shirts etc. Now you will sale these products to Ecommerce dealers like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal etc. These ecommerce dealers will sale your products to customers. But you earn less amount of profit because ecommerce dealers also take profit percentage of your sales. Ecommerce dealers pay large amount of money to company employees for doing internet marketing on ecommerce website. If you search any product on Google then you see Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Alibaba ecommerce websites display first. Now come to types of Web Marketing.


Types of Digital Marketing

Types of Digital Marketing

There are 4 types of digital marketing.

1. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)


The process which increases the visibility of your product & services like gogoanime in search engine is called .

2. SEM (Search Engine Marketing)


It is a technique through we can run our advertisement in search engine for ROI (Return on Investment) is called Search Engine Marketing. SEM is paid.

3. SMO (Social Media Optimization)


The process which increases the visibility of your product & services by videos like in 123movies  in social media is called Social Media Optimization. SMO is organic (non-paid).


4. SMM (Social Media Marketing)


It is a technique through we can run our advertisement in social media for ROI (Return on Investment) is called Social Media Marketing. SMM is paid.

In the coming articles, I will explain these four types of digital marketing.

Traditional Marketing

May be you heard about traditional marketing. In today scenario this type of marketing is not effective. Traditional Marketing means advertisement on Television, radio, newspaper, banners etc. This is costly as compare to Internet Marketing. Through this marketing only few people will see this type of advertisement but if you post something on facebook, twitter or other social media websites then one post can see by billions people at the same time. If you print your cake shop advertisement on newspaper then it will read by few people and you can’t measure how many people read this advertisement. Now we understand how web marketing is better than traditional marketing.

Difference between Digital Marketing and Traditional Marketing

1. Low Cost

Low Cost

Digital Marketing cost is low as compare to Traditional Marketing. Traditional Marketing like Television, Radio and Newspaper charge large amount of money for publishing advertisement for one day in USA. But Digital Marketing charge very less amount of money for publishing advertisement.

2. High Speed

Digital Marketing speed is much faster than Traditional Marketing. Let you have 2000 friends on facebook page. You write on your facebook wall that you are selling ‘online jackets’. Within 1 minute your post will reach to 2000 friends and few friends share this post also. It’s free of cost. If you opt for traditional marketing then your newspaper advertisement reach to 2000 people within 5-6 hours and charge $700.

3. 24*7 Advertising Availability

Advertising Availability

Through digital marketing your advertisement display 24*7 but in traditional marketing your advertisement publish only for one day. You can access digital marketing advertisement through facebook posts & website posts any time anywhere.




Digital Marketing and Traditional Marketing both are effective for target customers.

Traditional Marketing Example – You want to sale Senior Citizens saving schemes then you opt for traditional marketing because senior citizens not used internet.

Online Marketing Example – You want to sale Selfie stick. Then you opt for digital marketing because youngsters used internet.

5. Tracking

It is difficult to keep track of your traditional marketing strategy. You can’t measure how many people check your advertisement on newspaper. On the other hand, digital marketing is easy to track.

Through Google Analytics you can check how many people check your website and how many interested in this.

Search Engine

Search Engine

Digital Marketing – Search Engine In simple terms, Search Engine means a website on internet where you can search information. This information is available on different websites and these websites links provided in search engine. Every search engine has many Servers. Server means where search engine data stored. It’s like a database. Google database also known as Index. Google Database size around 100 Million GB.

In India, above 90-95% audience used Google search engine and 7-8% audience used other search engines like Bing, Yahoo. Every search engine has their rules/factors of Digital Marketing. If you target any country then you have to follow Google rules otherwise your website will penalize and your website will not rank on Google.


Search Engine Crawler

It is also known as Crawler/ Robot/ Bot. Every search engine has their Crawler with unique name. Crawler used for crawling, indexing and retrieving information which is provided on internet.

Example – You write content on your website. Crawler come to your website and index your content on his database (means save content on his database for future use) and at the end retrieving your content from database when anyone search on search engine.

Digital Marketing – Crawler / Bot

Crawler will read every word of your website and make one duplicate copy on his database. Let 2 links available in your website first page. Then crawler will move to these two links and read other two links page content and make duplicate copy on his database. If more links available on these pages then crawler will go to other pages through links. It works like spider. So, we have to link our website pages with one another (second page link provide to first page, third page link provide to second page and vice versa).

Crawler always searches unique content on websites. If you provide unique content on your website then your website will rank easily (unique content means content which is not available on other websites). In coming articles, I will explain ways, how crawler will come to your website.


NOTE: Mostly boys think to create adult websites (like 18+ websites or porn websites). Please drop this idea because Digital Marketing (SEO & PPC) not applied on these types of websites and Google (search engine) will not support these types of content. When crawler read adult content it will not support but it will save your website content on his database.

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