Key Benefits of BPM Software

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October 13, 2018
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Key Benefits of BPM Software

Broadly speaking, BPM is the use of software to help organizations manage their processes and measure their key performance indicators (KPIs) in order to optimize performance and help drive corporate strategy.

The BPM software has been successful in providing proven advantage to a range of service provider across the globe, both in terms of business process improvements and benefits to the organization’s top-line / bottom-line.

When you’re evaluating a BPM solution, it’s important to look for the right blend of technology and methodology. This is because although BPM solutions combine a group of management and analytics tools to provide the necessary functionality to measure, compare, and recommend actionable items from a business perspective, they make use of high-end technologies to do the leg work.

Key benefits of business process management software are:

  1. Enforce business decisions by specifying them in processes
  2. Ensure processes are constant and repetitive, not ad-hoc
  3. Track tasks, monitor performance, and optimize performance
  4. Shorten process lifecycles and seamlessly manage exceptions
  5. Document and formalize business processes, tasks and rules
  6. Accelerate return on investment by realizing significant cost savings on integration projects
  7. Leverage technology investments by extending functionality of existing systems
  8. Generate new revenue opportunities by bringing products and services to market faster than competitors.
  9. Enhance customer relationships by making it easier to do business with your organization
  10. Business managers can document and model process flows and hand them-off to IT for automation.
  11. Business users can utilize workflow capabilities to interact with processes, view business information and make decisions all via a web-browser.
  12. Full-featured integration functionality for the enterprise includes message transport, data transformation and transaction scheduling.
  13. Complete management, reporting and auditing capabilities to track and monitor transactions.
  14. Software should have Comprehensive web services capabilities

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