5 Programming Languages You Need To Know To Be a Successful Developer

September 18, 2018
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October 13, 2018

5 Programming Languages You Need To Know To Be a Successful Developer

The software filed is increasing its importance that has never been witnessed before. With the increase in software development, it is getting difficult to figure out what you need to work to increase your software development skills.

It is obvious that every business needs a website as well as a mobile application. Therefore, the market needs the best developers who have proficient programming knowledge and can help the business to grow in this competitive world. The technical needs of industries can be divided into 2 domains:

  • Front End Development: This includes the development of UI and the UX of the app i.e. the way how the users see the application.
  • Backend Development: This includes the development of server-side architecture i.e. where the actual logic is implemented.

There are numbers of institutes out there who are providing web development training in Chandigarh where you can go and learn about various programming languages with the latest frameworks used in programming.

Backend Development: Most common languages such as Python, PHP, and Java are used as backend development languages. Each of the programming languages supports a different and latest framework that makes easy the development of any web application.

  • Python – A Large number of startup organizations are using Python as a backend programming language.
  • JavaScript – This was used only as a frontend language, but with the arrival of new frameworks such as node.JS, JavaScript language is considered as both frontend and backend language.
  • Ruby – This language is a Ruby-based modern framework used for building good web applications.
  • Java – Java is currently the most popular language for the backend in maximum organizations. It is very reliable, that is why most of the organizations use Java as a backend programming language.
  • PHP – This has been on the market for a long time and is widely used for backend in large organizations. Just like Java, it is also very reliable that is why large corporations use this as their backend programming language. For the best PHP training institute in Chandigarh, come to Enliven Skills and also learn various other programming languages at an affordable price.

You should be an expert in one of these languages if you are aiming to be a developer in big organizations.

Front End Development is divided into three parts:-


  • HTML: used for Content of the page
  • CSS: used for Layout and feel of the page
  • JavaScript: used to bring in Interactivity of the page

A developer should have knowledge of all three languages i.e. HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Bootstrap is the best CSS based framework that is used to develop page designs easily and quickly. Developers who can do both front-end and back-end of the website are highly in demand as they are called the Full-Stack developers and have efficient knowledge of developing a website fully.

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