Key Skills to Add Value in The Web Design and Development Industry

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Key Skills to Add Value in The Web Design and Development Industry

Web Design and Development

Web designing is one profession that does not only call for an analytical mind but also a passionate heart. While one half of the job is about meticulous design know-how and coding the other half deals with an instinctive sense about simply what looks appealing and what does not.

So in order to stand out, the web designers have to develop a strong base of fundamentals. If you are thinking of trying your luck in the web design industry, then you should be ready with knowledge about certain aspects in order to add value to the web design and development industry and make a difference.

That is why here are some of the absolutely fundamental and key skills that all the web designers worth her salt should possess. These are some of the ways to assist your clients to achieve their goals and hence succeed in your career. Just read on.

  • HTML – Since the very beginning of the profession, the HTML or Hypertext Markup Language skills happen to be a crucially important part of the web designer’s skill list. This is one markup language that is the ticket to the entryway into the web design world. It lays the foundation of how websites are built. This is, undoubtedly, the first thing that the web designer should learn to gain more control over their work. Even for those whose job is mostly with WYSIWYG or CMS, editors require HTML.


  • CSS – While the structure of a site is designed by the HTML, CSS takes care of the visual appearance of the site. CSS is most important for the front-end developers and designers. Both these HTML and CSS should be learned together to know the structure and style of the web page.


  • Design Sense – A good sense of design is most important for the web designers who are more inclined towards the designers’ category. There is a lot more to web designing than just deciding which two colors look good together. You should have proper knowledge about the typography best practices, the design elements as well as the principles of basic designs. You must be able to realize how people will be interacting with a design. Only then you can make the right decisions to cater to the needs of the site.


  • JavaScript – JavaScript happens to be a vital interactive element of the website and web designers should have a thorough understanding of the JavaScript prior to learning any other language. This is especially to gain knowledge about how it interacts with CSS and HTML for creating the 3 layers of web design.


  • Programming Languages – Unless they know a couple or more of some programming languages, no web developer can succeed. PHP, Perl, ASP, Java, and C++ are the most popular programming languages. If you want to make yourself super valuable you should learn those languages that are in demand but not pursued by most. This way you can easily turn into a super-valuable asset.


  • Test for Bugs – The best developers are able to find and resolve bugs in the code. The greatest way of saving time on the time-consuming and costly bugs is to identify and resolve them early. You should be able to do this across all mobile devices and in the HTML, JavaScript, and CSS.


  • Administration of Web Servers – Even a little knowledge about the web server that your website is running on can assist to solve problems and make the sites run better. Most web designers feel that they do not need to know about the servers. But by judging how the server responds to things you will be able to build better sites that perform better.


  • Mobile Support – There are a staggering variety of devices available today. To sustain and excel in the web world, it is vital to gain knowledge about how to provide mobile support. In order to continue delivering value, the web designers must learn how apps and websites can support the different shapes and screen sizes of various devices. Without that, you won’t be able to delve deeper to add value. So web designers should strive to add as many skills as possible.

The above are some of the major skills that web designers must posses to add value to the industry. These are suggested by the experts of reputed responsive web design company who have been in this industry for many years now and know exactly what skills are.

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